Each Jar has a story...

"Big Red Rascal"$10.00
Tomato Sauce Grandma’s Original Recipe
Large 500ml

"Little Red Rascal" $7.00
Tomato Sauce Grandma’s Original Recipe Small 250ml

"Blowing Raspberries"$8.00
Emma’s Raspberry Jam

"Tale of Three"$8.00
Peter’s Mixed Berry Jam

"Strawberry Kisses"$8.00
Benny’s Strawberry Jam

"Big Relish It"$10.00
Relish Grandma’s Original Recipe
Large 500ml

"Little Relish It"$7.00
Relish Grandma’s Original Recipe
Small 250ml

Coming Soon............

"Matilda Marmalade"
June’s Marmalade

"Apricot Boycott"
Dot’s Apricot Jam

"Peachy Keen"
Grandma’s Peach Jam

"Cheery Cherry"
Hey Jude’s Cherry Jam

"Blast of Blue"
Alma’s Blueberry Jam

"Curried Up"
Grandma’s Curried Relish

"Piccadilly Chilly"
Sandie’s Chilli Sauce

Geoff’s Hot Chilli Sauce

"Mango Tango"
Steph’s Mango Jam


About Us

I have a young family and have been worried for some time about what we put not only in our mouths, but more importantly, our children’s. With all the preservatives and additives that are in our foods today, this can’t be good for our health and wellbeing.

...Is this the best choice?

One day I found some fantastic old recipes passed down through the generations; from my mother and grandmother, of jams and sauces... so I thought - why not try to cook some? So since the beginning of this year I now no longer buy the commercial varieties of jams and sauces that are on the shelves of our big supermarket chains and local grocery stores.

Thus far...

Since eating Mum’s homemade, my children just love them and don’t want the plastic food option anymore. I also know that they are getting better nutrition through good old fashioned homemade cooking, which ultimately has to be better for us all as a family.

What’s in a name?

This lead on to the idea - Why not create a business out of it? And here I am... Grandma’s Larder.

Grandma’s Larder came from an love of old fashioned cooking and the memories that it creates. And where do those memories originate from? My Grandma.

I remember heading into Grandma’s kitchen looking for yummy homemade treats and found a kitchen full of love; the love of food and the love of cooking for family and friends.

...And the Definition of a Larder?

Larders were commonplace in houses before the widespread use of the refrigerator (Reference taken from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larder).
Now they are referred to as kitchen pantrys.

Grandma’s Larder jams and sauces need to be kept in a dark cupboard (usually just your larder aka pantry) until opened and then in the fridge. They will usually last unopened up to 6 months and once opened use within a few weeks.... but they won’t last a few weeks!!

All jars sold are pressure sealed and now come with pressure "pop lids".

There are no preservatives or chemicals in my jams and sauces. Just plain wholesome goodness.

Our family loves our sauces and jams and we hope your family will love them too.

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"O taste and see that the LORD is good" Psalm 34:8